What does Palace Keepers do?
Palace Keepers teams with Realtors and the homeowner of a vacant property to provide assistance in the marketing of their home.  A carefully screened family, or Home Manager is placed in the home and the home must be  ready to show on a moment's notice, 7 days a week.  The home remains in the MLS, with a lockbox in place.  The Home Manager is responsible for paying all utilities and the pool and yard are maintained as well .*  Once the home is sold, the Home Manager vacates the home with as little as 30 days notice according to the needs of the new owners. Insuring a vacant home can be very expensive, if the Homeowner can retain coverage.  Many homeowners use Palace Keepers because they realize major cost savings on their insurance bills alone once Palace Keepers is engaged. Palace Keepers provides complimentary services* to Realtors and property owners to transform vacant houses into fully furnished show homes. Our professional services can add thousands of dollars to your sales price and alleviate the stress and expense of marketing and managing your property. 

*certain limitations apply
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  • Competitive edge

  • Enhanced marketability

  • More showings

  • Quicker sale

  • Higher sales price

  • Professional staging & home management

  • Reduce homeowner's costs

  • Increased insurability

  • Relief from coordinating repairs and maintenance

  • Peace of Mind

Are you ready for more showings for your vacant houses?

Below are a few Benefits to using Palace Keepers:

Statistics show that on average homes sell 30% faster and for 10-20% more money when a home is occupied and professionally staged.


Palace Keepers